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About Us
This App has been developed by EasyGuide GPS Limited, part of the Sound Technologies group of companies.

Sound Technologies Limited (the founding company in the group) is the developer of the EasyGuide GPS Passenger Information Systems widely used on vehicles such as buses, boats, trains, etc. EasyGuide on-vehicle systems are available with one language via a vehicle’s PA system or multiple languages via headphones. Screens to display visual content are also available. All content is GPS triggered.

As a result of the experience gained in this area and with the development of smartphone GPS, Sound Technologies realised that it would be possible to provide walking tours via a smartphone. This is the ideal way to provide tours in places where vehicles cannot go, and for people who prefer self-guiding. EasyGuide GPS Limited was therefore set up as a partner company to develop this product.
Join Us
Do you have an existing walking tour, museum guide, or audio podcast which you would like to host on EasyGuide GPS or do you have an idea for a new tour? If so, we would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in adding a tour to this App or would like further information on any of Sound Technologies' other products please contact our Sales Team at Sales@EasyGuideGPS.com.

Our Sales Team will be able to advise you on the offers we have available to be able to host your tour, ranging from profit sharing royalty agreements to one-off purchases of your content. If there is another city which you think we should be adding please let us know.

Do you have some feedback on the App? Then we would love to hear from you. We will always do our best to respond to you within 48 hours if not sooner. Also, check out the Help Page which has some useful tips and hints for using the App and more importantly using it safely. If you can't find the answer you are looking for there then try one of the contact options below to get in touch with us directly.

Please email our Feedback Team at Feedback@EasyGuideGPS.com
with your feedback. Any comments or suggestions, good or bad, are gratefully received.

Alternatively, if you just have a question about using the App or require some assistance then please contact our Support Team at Support@EasyGuideGPS.com. Unfortunately, we cannot provide advice on using individual types of smartphone.