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EasyGuide GPS - Let your phone do the talking...
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To download EasyGuide GPS for your Apple iPhone click on the "Download from the App Store" button or search for "EasyGuide GPS" in the App Store on your phone. Alternatively visit http://appstore.com/EasyGuideGPS on your PC or phone to open the App page in iTunes.

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To download EasyGuide GPS for your Android Phone click on the "Android App on Google Play" button or search for "EasyGuide GPS" in the Google Play Store on your phone.

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About EasyGuide GPS
EasyGuide GPS is a multi-language smartphone app providing audio-visual walking tours, audio podcast guides, museum guides and other content for cities the world over. Where possible, content is triggered by GPS.

Simply select a city to browse and purchase available content for that city in your preferred language. Once you have purchased a walking tour or audio guide, it will remain available for to enjoy for 14 days. New content is being continually added so if we do not yet have guides in a city or language you are interested in then please check back soon. You can also request we add a tour for a particular city by contacting our Feedback Team from within the App.

Walking tours usually provide both audio and visual content at specified points of interest and are designed with a specific start point and end point in mind. With GPS tours, as you reach each point on the tour, the audio commentary will begin automatically, although you can also play any point manually if you wish. Visual content will be displayed on the screen, although you may prefer to have the tour running in background mode. In this case, audio will still play but pictures will not be visible unless you make the screen active. Some tours are audio only or non-GPS. If so, they will usually say this in the full tour description.

Our GPS audio podcast guides are not designed to have a specific start and end point, or to take you from point to point. They are a collection of lively and animated commentaries on certain sights within a city. The commentaries will trigger automatically if you have the podcast loaded when you reach a point of interest, however, you can also just as easily enjoy them from your hotel room or the comfort of your home.

New tours are being added all the time so please keep an eye out for new content. There is a function within the App to check for any new content, and we will also send push notifications when new tours are uploaded. If you would like to have your own tour hosted on EasyGuide GPS, then please contact our Sales Team. Contact information is also provided within the App.

PLEASE NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background will run down battery charge, so do not leave the App running in background mode when not in use.